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Workshop in English Chant – Press Release

EAST LANSING, Michigan (August 9, 2011) —

St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John Student Center are excited to welcome nationally known directors and instructors of chant, Jeffery Tucker, and Arlene Oost-Zinner to lead a one day workshop in english Chant, for the New Missal, August 27, in East Lansing, Michigan.

There is a growing interest in chant, especially among young Catholics, for its simplicity, serenity, and its organic unity with liturgical prayer. The approaching release of the new Missal has seen a rapid growth of workshops, and many new, even free, resources and publications in chant form.

This East Lansing workshop is a great opportunity to get started or advance in the singing of chant, in the new english translation. Workshop participants will learn techniques for singing and reading chant, exploring the Missal and Propers, as well as new approaches to Psalm singing. Participants will learn how to achieve another level of active participation through the singing of prayers, for congregations, choirs, and minister, using only the human voice. Chant tones are flexible and flow from the rhythms of breathing and natural speech, and put focus on the text of the prayers. As an integral part of Catholic liturgy, with roots both very ancient and also modern, many composers are now hard at work writing english chant settings.

This workshop is designed for anyone – for folks singing from the pews, trained singers, choirs, and musicians, and those wishing to start new music programs, deacons and priests who wish to advance in singing as part of liturgy, as well as any music aficionado or professional who wishes to learn about the Roman Rite. The instruction will be practical, and offer particular help for those that wish to use chant in liturgy, or start a new music program, without added expense.

Starting with sign-in and coffee at 9am, the sessions will run from 10am-3:30pm, with lunch provided at noon. Cost of the workshop is $25, $20 each for registering with friends, $17 for ages 16-21 and over 65, and $10 for youths under 16. Scholarships available – email Materials are provided, and participants do not need prior training in note reading.
A special 4:30 Mass is currently scheduled, at which all will sing.

Jeffrey Tucker is managing editor of the journal Sacred Music, and polyphony director of the St. Cecilia Schola Cantorum in Auburn, Alabama. Arlene Oost-Zinner is the chant director of the St. Cecilia Schola and a faculty member of the Sacred Music Colloquium, sponsored by the Church Music Association of America, the largest colloquium on sacred music in the English speaking world.

Register now and read more at Follow chantmichigan for updates also on Facebook and Twitter. Send questions to:
Pass on the word with posters and text for bulletins at


Press Contacts – E-mail:
Jeffery Tucker, Managing Editor of the journal Sacred Music
Teresa DuSell, Director of Music, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and St. John Student Center
S. Tellschow, Chant Michigan



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  1. Barbara / Apr 27 2013 1:30 am

    Does anyone know of a chant choir in the Detroit area? A friend is in one in Texas and I’d love to find one in this area. Thanks

  2. chantmichigan / Apr 27 2013 3:31 am

    Perhaps contact St. Joseph’s downtown – ask choir Director Michael Semaan about the St. Joseph Cappella choir, at (248) 250-6005. Also Assumption Grotto has a Sunday morning Mass with chant – try contacting Organist, Ray Long (313)-372-0762 to learn about that choir.
    St. Hubert in Harrison Township has a chant choir listed –
    Old St. Patrick’s in Ann Arbor may have a chant choir –

    Of course Detroit is a big place – is there a side of town or suburbs that you’re interested in?

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