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August 24, 2011 / chantmichigan

Workshop Countdown!…updates

There are scholarships/passes available for anyone who finds the Workshop fee is keeping them away – don’t be shy, come sing with us, more the merrier. Just send an email to with your name, and mention you want a “pass”, and your name will be put on the registration and you’re good to go. Choir programs with tight budgets are also welcome to take advantage of this, and round up the group to come – but an email with names or number estimates is appreciated.

Instead of Mass with the new texts, we will either sing the parts we’ve learned as a prayer service, or simply as a “final, all together” for the conclusion of the Workshop. Women and men will split at a point to learn and practice separately, so it will be fun to come back together to sing and listen.

Amazingly, the texts we are using – indeed many chant resources – are now being provided legally, copyright free, online as PDFs – this includes newly published, and newly written pieces. Any music program can freely print and use them – and they only require the human voice. There are a lot of recordings of these chant texts on YouTube as well for listening and learning. The publication “Simple English Propers” (from which we will learn some parts) is one of these free resources, but has also been printed and bound in hardcover. All the Workshop materials are being provided free, BUT – for anyone who is interested in picking one or more copies up of this hardbound edition, there will be 20 available for $10 each – 40% off. Choirs and larger groups – let us know asap if you would like some quantity shipped there just for you at that price.

Looking forward to a great Workshop!! See you there!


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